Darwin Day 2012

1st  MARCH 2012

Aula Magna dell’Università,

Via Università 12, Parma

Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Donato Grasso

This year the event will be dedicated to the


The 2nd of March, a linked event  will take place at University Campus of Parma. It is the 2nd AISASP Student Meeting where young researches, mainly undergraduates, PhD and Post Docs, will discuss their researches on social and presocial insects. AISASP is the Italian Section of IUSSI (International Union for the Study of Social Insects. Scientific Coordinators: Dr. Cristina Castracani e Dr. Andrea Luchetti

Un ringraziamento particolare a LUIGI AIME’, che ha curato i disegni e la grafica del materiale pubblicitario, per per la disponibiltà e l’eccellente lavoro svolto.

A special thanks to LUIGI AIME’ for the graphical section, his helpfulness and his excellent work.




3 thoughts on “Darwin Day 2012

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